Dates and Scriptures

Leading a communion meditation at Osage Hills on Sunday mornings is a big deal!

We are thankful that you are willing to worship God and lead the church in this way.

Here are some tips for leading a communion meditation well:

  1. Plan for 2 minutes. 1 minute to read the passage and connect to the cross, 1 minute to pray.

  2. Pray for our offering too. As people leave, there are places to give their offering or they can do so electronically. When closing in prayer be sure to express gratitude for our members' generosity and faithful giving.

  3. Pray and Practice.  A successful communion meditation should only take 2 minutes to complete. We encourage you to pray over your scripture during the week and ask God to speak to you through His word.  Write down your thoughts and practice saying them out loud before going on stage.

  4. Have fun. You are drawing us into deep and authentic worship. We are so grateful for your time, words, and preparation. Your service brings great joy to God and honors His church. You will do great!